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Parking Info

Parking Recommendations

The Tropics Boat Tours, like all other marina tenants, does not have dedicated parking. Please read the following recommendations closely and feel free to call our office with any follow up questions. We encourage all our guests to prepare so they can have a fabulous experience starting with getting to us. 

Recommended Parking:

We recommend using the Clearwater Ferry and parking for FREE in Downtown Clearwater if you are joining us during their operating hours on Thursdays - Sundays. This service offers fast and efficient travel across the water, avoiding the traffic on the bridge and the parking on Clearwater Beach. You can find detailed information on their website at Parking is free and they depart from Downtown Clearwater near Coachman Park and drop you off right at our marina daily. We recommend riding the ferry that is the hour or two before your required check in time. 

We are not responsible for the timing of your arrival to our booth if you chose to ride Clearwater Ferry.

Alternate Parking:

Due to the popularity and development of Clearwater Beach as a tourism destination, parking on-site is limited. There are great options for parking on Clearwater Beach but none of them are guaranteed as they all fill up on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Clearwater Municipal Marina: Effective February 28, 2020, The City of Clearwater Marina Parking System will begin using the Pay By Plate technology using a License Plate Recognition Vehicle for enforcement.
    During this conversion period, the rates will remain the same at $1 per hour, until otherwise indicated and will be posted per the City of Clearwater Marina Parking Office. When you arrive, you are permitted to purchase up to 30 minutes at $.50 cents at your location to walk up to our ticket booth. Once you check-in at the ticket booth, you will receive the DAILY CODE to unlock up to 6 hours of parking. Once you have received the code, you can go to the nearest kiosks, enter the code and license plate number of your vehicle in order to purchase enough time for your activity. The lot will remain Marina Activities only from  6 am – 6 pm. Public parking will be from from 6 pm – 11 pm at the $1 per hour rate with no codes needed. 
    Each day of the week will have a different code assigned to it and future codes may not be purchased in advance. You are not permitted to back into any parking space due to the technology used. If you have any questions, please inquire with the Marina Parking Office located in the Marina Shops. Please ensure you have read all instructions above that were provided to us from The Marina Parking Office or at the Kiosks. The Tropics Boat Tours takes no responsibility for any parking tickets that you may receive.

  • North Beach Parking Garage: this parking option is located on the North side of Clearwater Beach, at about 15 minutes walking distance from our location. You will receive a ticket as you enter the garage and pay the fee when you leave. We are not able to validate parking there.

  • Pier 60 Parking Lot: this parking option is located directly West of us, at about 2 minutes walking distance from our location. You will need to pay for parking after you arrive and place your receipt on the dashboard of your car. We are not able to validate parking there.

  • Surf Style Megastore & Hyatt Regency Garages: these parking options are privately owned and located just South of us, at about 5 minutes walking distance from our location. You will receive a ticket as you enter the garage and pay the fee when you leave. We are not able to validate parking there.

Other parking lots and garages are available on Clearwater Beach. Parking rates may be found by visiting or contacting the City of Clearwater Parking Department at 727-562-4704.

If you are visiting during High Season (March, April, May, June, July, August) plan for TRAFFIC! It is not uncommon to experience a very delayed drive down to the beach. State Road FL60 (Gulf to Bay) can back up as far as highway US 19 some days.  If you are familiar with the area, or have access to a local map, Drew Street is a great alternative route for Westbound travel.

To be safe always plan on arriving to our booth 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to your tour. If you have extra time you can always enjoy what's going on around us. It's always a great time.

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